9 Reasons Why Manufacturers Automate Their Processes

Automated manufacturing processes use intervention that is more robotic and involves less human intervention. Automation ideas have been in existence for thousands of years. In the 9th century, a book created from an accumulation of thoughts and texts, and called “The Science of Ingenious Mechanisms.” This book, in collaboration with the Renaissance period, caused many scientists to come up with some of the earliest automation.

Fast forward, hundreds of years later, robots have become part and parcel of the manufacturing industry. There are many reasons why manufacturers choose to automate their processes, among them, being:

To Increase Productivity

Manufacturing  automation improves the rate of production and productivity of labor. For every hour of labor input, there is higher output. Robots can work faster and with more precision than their human counterparts can. They can work continuously without taking any breaks or getting tired. This allows human workers to get ample rest time and to be more productive.

Labor Cost Reduction

With the ever-increasing cost of labor, investing in automation seems like the best avenue for most manufacturing companies. However, this does not mean that human input is not needed. Collaborative robots work alongside their human counterparts to supplement the human …

Vodafone Bill Payment- Helps in making payment in a hassle-free manner

Vodafone, as everyone knows, is one of the trusted networks in the telecommunication which is headquartered in Mumbai. M-Pesa feature was also launched by this network in India with the partnership of HDFC bank in 2011. This network had made a huge number of subscribers approximately223 million owing to its excellent network, incredible services & features and affordable tariff packages. Not just this, subscribers of Vodafone can also now enjoy the facility of Vodafone bill payment that helps in saving efforts and time.

This telecom company is having a large spectrum portfolio and extensive number broadband carrier that has helped then in meeting the ever-growing demand for voice and data. Not just this, Vodafone is fully committed to serving its subscribers with incredible services and has contributed a lot towards ‘Digital India’ for making a better tomorrow by connecting more citizens together.

The advancement of technology and internet has aided the people and made convenient for them for availing easy online bill payment of post paid and prepaid connections. If we will talk about the bill payment scenario of a few years ago and present days then we will find a huge change in it. Earlier, making bill payment of …

When Flu, Avoid These 5 Foods and Drinks

Flu is an inflammation of the respiratory system caused by influenza virus infection. Flu usually has symptoms such as a runny nose or stuffy nose, cough, headache, and fever. In addition to taking medicine, there are also some foods that you should avoid eating when you are sick with the flu.

If your flu is severe and you have difficulty seeing a doctor or pharmacy, you can do a health consultation and also buy the right medicine through the Online Pharmacy, which will make it easier for you to get health education and medication, then to speed up the flu healing process, you need to avoid some types of food below.

Foods that contain lots of sugar

Drinks and foods that contain lots of sugar should be avoided during the flu. Because consuming sugar can weaken the body’s ability to fight infection.

This also applies to pastries, candy, ice cream, and other sweet foods. Instead, you can try eating lots of fruits and vegetables. Also, choose snacks that are low in sugar.


In order for flu symptoms not to get worse, avoid consuming milk. Because milk can cause mucus or a runny nose to last longer in your …

Jack of all trades is preferred over a master of one!

Know-how is present in our daily lives. To live fully in today’s world it is important to taste everything. The importance is not on knowing one thing fully and not knowing others at all. Even in cookery for instance, a person who can cook a little of everything scores over a person who cook one thing well. Times have changed and it is necessary to adapt according to the need than do the blame game! Knowing everything does not require you to be a genius rather it requires a talent of survival. There are a multitude of happenings in the present world; the person not aware is left behind.

The orthodox way of life supports in knowing one thing well. The modern approach is being a jack of all trades. Knowledge is power, power is not brute strength. Equipped with knowledge we can survive in any situation. Know-how is focused more on the media news. A multitude of news is hitting the headlines on various forefronts such as cinema, fiction, entertainment and a wide variety of media news. Equipped with know how we are aware of most of the happenings in the world. This gives us the confidence needed in …