When Flu, Avoid These 5 Foods and Drinks

Flu is an inflammation of the respiratory system caused by influenza virus infection. Flu usually has symptoms such as a runny nose or stuffy nose, cough, headache, and fever. In addition to taking medicine, there are also some foods that you should avoid eating when you are sick with the flu.

If your flu is severe and you have difficulty seeing a doctor or pharmacy, you can do a health consultation and also buy the right medicine through the Online Pharmacy, which will make it easier for you to get health education and medication, then to speed up the flu healing process, you need to avoid some types of food below.

Foods that contain lots of sugar

Drinks and foods that contain lots of sugar should be avoided during the flu. Because consuming sugar can weaken the body’s ability to fight infection.

This also applies to pastries, candy, ice cream, and other sweet foods. Instead, you can try eating lots of fruits and vegetables. Also, choose snacks that are low in sugar.


In order for flu symptoms not to get worse, avoid consuming milk. Because milk can cause mucus or a runny nose to last longer in your lungs and respiratory tract. The result, it took a long time to cure the flu.

Furthermore, mucus that is left to settle for too long in the body has the potential to trigger more severe symptoms. When you are sick, you should consume more water to replace body fluids.

Spicy food

This type of food should also be avoided when the flu. Capsaicin contained in chili is said to make the flu worse. Capsaicin is known to be effective in irritating the nose and causing colds to get worse.


During the flu, you should not eat foods that need more energy to absorb the body. You can replace the consumption of meat with fruits and vegetables. An expert even recommends eating a diet like a vegetarian during the flu until some time after recovery.


Just like sugar, drinks, and foods that contain alcohol can interfere with the body’s defense from viruses. This can actually make the body sicker than before. Eating alcohol can also make you dehydrated. As long as the body condition is not stable, you should avoid consuming alcohol, especially in large quantities.

To cure the flu, what needs to be done is to treat the symptoms. In order for the healing process of flu symptoms to take place quickly, you need to avoid some of the foods above.